Egypt completes 24 smart cities

Egypt has built 24 smart cities over the past few years and seeks to raise them to 38 by 2050, said Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly on Saturday.

Madbouly made the remarks during the opening session of the three-day conference “Story of Homeland” held in the New Administrative Capital east of Cairo to highlight government accomplishments in the past decade.

Among smart cities where digital solutions and green tech play a key role in urban areas, the recently inaugurated cities are New Mansoura City in the Nile Delta region, Al Galala City in northeast Egypt, and New Aswan City in southern Egypt, he added.

Turning to efforts being made to overcome Egypt’s housing problem, he said “Egypt has worked on a housing program, establishing 1.5 million residential units whether in the new cities or the existing cities.”

Madbouly added that by building 300,000 apartments, the government also helped improve housing conditions for those living in 357 unsafe residential areas in the country.

Meanwhile, Egyptian President Sisi has directed the government to finalise the implementation of projects to develop Alexandria port and other ports, the rail and roadways by no later than 2025.

The president announced this directive in remarks he made on Sunday during a thematic session on “National Projects and Infrastructure” which was the main event of the second day of the “Story of the Homeland…Vision and Achievement” conference that kick-started on Saturday.

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