Uganda’s Ministry of Health said that Ebola has spread to the eastern part of the country beyond the epicentre in the central region.

Ruth Aceng, minister of health, tweeted Sunday that a confirmed fatal case, who is a 45-year-old male, has been reported in the Jinja district of eastern Uganda.

The confirmed fatal case died at his home on Nov. 10, Aceng tweeted.

According to her tweets, the confirmed case was linked to a probable case, his brother, who travelled to Jinja from the Ugandan capital Kampala where he was said to have contracted the disease, and died on Nov. 3 after falling ill for 10 days on the Jinja district.

Contact tracing and epidemiological investigations have been activated, Aceng added.

Ministry of Health figures as of Nov. 6 showed that the country had registered 135 confirmed cases since the outbreak was reported on Sept. 20.