China has donated the recently completed new Parliament Building in Mt Hampden Harare to Zimbabwe as a way of boosting friendship and solidarity between the two countries.

Zimbabwe’s new Parliament building is one of the most important projects in the China-Africa cooperation exercise, which is aimed at strengthening solidarity between the people of Zimbabwe and China while improving facilities in Parliament to ensure better services to Zimbabweans at large. The project strongly supports democracy in Zimbabwe, while boosting the country’s image.” Shanghai Construction group manager Libo Cai said.

He also said that the new Parliament building will be a landmark site in the whole of the southern African region.

“There will be no doubt that the new parliament building will become a landmark building in Zimbabwe and even in the whole of southern Africa,” he said.

The building was funded by the Chinese government through CHINAAI and it consists of the National Assembly that can accommodate 350 Members of Parliament (MPs), while the Senate has 100 seats.

There for, work on the project commenced in November 2018 and the building whose completion was stalled by the COVID-19 pandemic is now complete.

Meanwhile,  the government has been describing the US$100 million project as one of Zimbabwe’s many development successes.


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