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Zimbabwe Power Utility Demands Dollar Payments to Pay Bills

VICTORIA FALLS - The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority will ask mining companies and other exporters to pay part of their power bills...

Zimbabwe Fuel Price Rockets After Duty Hike

HARARE - Zimbabwe on Tuesday gave oil firms the nod to hike petrol prices marginally, after a 300 percent hike in duty that came...

China hails ‘important progress’ in US trade talks

BEIJING-China's trade delegation says it made "important progress" in the latest round of talks with the US, China's state media reports. At the end of...

Zimbabwe’s Freda to Pay Salaries in Foreign Currency

HARARE - Freda Rebecca, one of Zimbabwe’s oldest gold mines, is to pay salaries in United States dollars after being given the permission to...

Zimbabwe: An Economic Jungle of Rhetoric

Harare - On the 19th of November, 2017 Zimbabwe ousted Robert Mugabe from power. Mugabe was accused of running the economy down,...

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