Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Vanadium Can Boost South African Mining, says GlobalData

JOHANNESBURG - New deposits are needed to promote the image of South Africa’s mining sector as that of a “sunrise industry”, despite years of falling...

Unki Mine Signs Up for Global Standard

HARARE - Johannesburg listed resources outfit, Anglo American announced on Monday that its Zimbabwe based platinum mining unit, Unki, became the first...

US-China trade war: United Nations warns of ‘massive’ impact of tariff hike

LONDON - A UN trade official has warned a US plan to raise tariffs on Chinese goods next month would have "massive" implications for...

Anglo to return up to US$1 billion to shareholders

JOHANNESBURG - Diversified mining and marketing company Anglo American on Thursday announced its intention to return up to US$1-billion to its shareholders through...

Zim Doctors and Nurses Down Tools over Coronavirus

Harare - Zimbabwean doctors and nurses have downed tools with immediate effect due to incapacitation to deal with the Coronavirus epidemic, ENN reports. In a...

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