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Gold Miners Fret About Long-Term Supply Even as They Boost Dividends

HOLLYWOOD, Florida – Gold miners have largely been boosting dividends to appease long-suffering shareholders rather than funding fresh exploration projects needed to grow production,...

Zimbabwe Fuel Crisis; The Implications

HARARE - In a bold move that is set to pile pressure on the country’s already struggling populace, the Reserve Bank of...

Mozambique Tables Biggest Deal at Africa Investment Forum

Johannesburg - Mozambique’s state oil and fuel company Empresa Nacional de Hydrocarbonetos (ENH) tabled the biggest deal at the 2019 Africa Investment...

Trump Keeps Zimbabwe’s Biggest Bank Guessing

HARARE - CBZ Holdings Limited, Zimbabwe’s biggest banking group with a $2,4 billion asset base, is anxiously awaiting the conclusion of an extensive...

Fitting a Square Peg in a Round Hole; Zimbabwe’s Dilemma

HARARE - Given what currently obtains in Zimbabwe, I can guarantee you that the country’s economic recovery will take a lot more time than...

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