Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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Millions of Ugandans Quit Internet Services as Social Media Tax Takes Effect

KAMPALA - Millions of people in Uganda have abandoned social media after punishing taxes were imposed on the use of networking sites and on...

Caledonia Projects ‘Landmark’ 2020 in Zimbabwe After Rise in Gold Output

HARARE - Caledonia Mining Corporation said on Monday gold output at its Zimbabwe based Blanket Mine will rise to between 53 000 and 56...

Fastjet to Consolidate African Strategy After Growth in Zimbabwe, Mozambique

HARARE -Low cost airline, fastjet, says it is to expand its African footprint following robust growth in Zimbabwe and Mozambique during the year ended...

US Firm Announces Investment Plan For Natural Gas Exploration in Mozambique

MAPUTO - US oil company Anadarko is due on Tuesday to formally announce its investment plan for exploration of natural gas in...

Zimbabwe’s Triangle Ethanol Output Rises to 26 Million Litres

HARARE - Zimbabwe's Triangle  Limited sayd it has increased ethanol output to 26,1 million litres this marketing season, from 21,7 million litres in...

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