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Copacabana Traders Mall empowers women

THE government has made significant strides in promoting gender equality and women economic empowerment and financial inclusion, 80% of business that is...

Zimbabwe: An Economic Jungle of Rhetoric

Harare - On the 19th of November, 2017 Zimbabwe ousted Robert Mugabe from power. Mugabe was accused of running the economy down,...

Willdale Limited sets new revenue record amid COVID-19 lockdown relaxation

The leading supplier of bricks has recorded an increased profit after the government relaxes the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Government recently announced...

Excelgate Gives Mbeki Fresh Zim Mediation Headaches

Harare – Excelgate, a sensational book by exiled Jonathan Moyo on alleged vote-rigging in the 2018 presidential election threatens to derail Zimbabwe’s political dialogue,...

Zimbabwe to Cut Power to Mines, Others Over $77 Million in Unpaid Bills

HARARE – Zimbabwe's State-owned electricity distributor, grappling with drought and ageing equipment, said on Thursday it will disconnect mines, farms and other users as it...

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