Monday, November 30, 2020
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Zimbabwe Lines Up Millions In Power Deals for Construction Industry

HARARE - Zimbabwe’s struggling construction industry sees itself getting a reprieve from a projects drought that has sparked firm closures and job losses in...

Zimbabwe Power Tariff Hikes Aggravate Environmental Damage

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s latest electricity tariff hikes are threatening to further destroy the country’s environment. Demand for firewood is likely to rise...

Fuel Now Constitutes 56% of Vehicle Operating Costs in Zimbabwe

Harare - Fuel now constitutes 56% of a vehicle’s operating costs in Zimbabwe, an industry report has confirmed. This development comes as...

Diamonds Present Best Option For Zimbabwe to Redeem Faltering Economy

HARARE - Zimbabwe’s rich diamond reserves present the best opportunity for the troubled southern African country to repay its ballooning debt, which...

Zimbabwe to enforce ‘use it or lose it’ policy for mining assets

HARARE - Zimbabwe will vigorously enforce a policy to force companies to develop their mining assets and not keep the land for speculative purposes,...

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