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Politics and the Economy in Zimbabwe – History Repeating Itself

HARARE - The year 2007 was a precipitous one for Zimbabwe as the economy failed to cope with record breaking inflation. Year 2008...

Take the kids to Royal Armouries Museum

A world-class weaponry and armour collection, from rare swords to an umbrella gun, is on display at this excellent, free family-friendly museum

Power Crisis Stiffles Zimbabwe Gold Mines

HARARE - A dire power crisis that has crippled Zimbabwe in the past eight months has hit gold mines hard, with output plummeting...

The Three Narratives That Are Holding Africa’s Accelerated Economic Development Hostage

HARARE - Most, if not all efforts at stimulating the accelerated economic development of Africa hinge on the narrative of an Africa making rapid...
US Dollars – Bond Notes and Coins – ATM cards for RTGS Money

Zimbabwe Formal Market Hit by Forex Shortages

Harare – Amid fresh allegations of money printing in Zimbabwe and a bullish black market, the country’s formal market has been hit...

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