GABORONE – The Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) is looking for a partner to work with it on the transformation of the ailing Lobatse Clay Works (LCW).

The bricks and paving company, which was once considered the bread and butter of many people and an economic attraction in Lobatse, has faced a series of business hiccups over the past years, resulting in its recent closure.

Although there have been allegations of mismanagement, there has not been any substantial evidence to this effect. Although BDC has not come out to openly confirm the closure, it is now clear that operations at the premises have been stopped and all the employees sent packing. The phone lines and water have also been cut.

A few security officers guard the premises but on most days there is not a soul in sight. Little is known on what will be done about the building and paving bricks that are on the premises and have not been sold.

BDC owns a majority stake in LCW, which was established in 1995. The public relations and marketing department head Boitshwarelo Lebang could not divulge much information about what exactly is happening at LCW, developments on the horizon or whether it would go under the hammer save to send communication that reads: “The business is currently undergoing transformation following a series of challenges it has faced, including market conditions.” Further communication in response to a questionnaire stated that:

“BDC’s focus has been on finding a long-term sustainable plan to turn the business around by bringing on a strategic partner with the requisite industry experience and capital to drive the business whilst we reduce our position to a minority one. “The Corporation remains committed to seeing the turnaround plan to its conclusion and will continue to support the business whilst we as BDC engage with the relevant parties.” – The Midweek Sun