Devastating Floods Displace Thousands in Ethiopia: WFP

Intense rainfall in Ethiopia’s eastern Somali region has displaced approximately 12,000 households, as reported by the World Food Program (WFP) on Monday.

According to the UN agency’s East Africa Seasonal Outlook report, heavy rains have triggered flash floods, causing the confirmed death of 20 individuals and displacing tens of thousands in the region. The WFP highlighted the severe impact on infrastructure, with numerous roads and bridges damaged, posing challenges for delivering relief aid. The heavy rains have also led to significant losses in livestock and crops.

The report warned of an anticipated rise in flood occurrences across various areas, exacerbating existing crises. Particularly vulnerable are flood-prone regions in Somalia, south-southeast Ethiopia, pastoral areas of Kenya, and the Lake Victoria basin.

Referencing a prior incident in southern Ethiopia last September, where 40,000 people were affected by heavy rains, the UN agency expressed concern that weather conditions in Ethiopia are expected to deteriorate further. The prediction is that flooding will persist for an extended period.

Ethiopia, along with neighbouring Kenya and Somalia, is identified as one of the Horn of Africa countries expected to face heightened rainfall and flooding from October to December, impacting millions of people.

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