Death Has Robbed Us Of Flamboyancy

On a calm Sunday morning of 8 November 2020, around 5am in the morning, news broke out that an ordinary boy who endured life’s daily challenges of Domboshava village to rise and become a Big Shot in Zimbabwe had surrendered his life and fortunes to his Maker in an explosive accident that also claimed lives of three of his legion of friends.

Suddenly, a sombre atmosphere engulfed Domboshava village and Zimbabwe at large as both friends and foes could not believe that the Big Shot is nomore.

A larger than life character, a controversial national brand ambassador, love or hate him, the man had become magnamous such that his social media following had grown to hundreds of thousands, and his personal brand influence had gone global, and viral too.

Through his imposing mansion; a penchant for social media acts; an appetite for house parties, beautiful ladies and champagne; he popularised his home area of Domboshava to the world.

A dramatic and lively character who fell in love with a flashy and fast life, both financially and on the wheels through his imposing fleet of sports cars – Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Lamborghini, e.t.c – he died on the spot after the Rolls Royce he was driving got involved in a head on collision with a Honda Fit in Harare’s plushy surbubs of Borrowdale.

Ginimbi’s Burnt Rolls Royce

His three friends – Moana,Karim and Elisha also died on the spot as the pricey Rolls Royce went into flames after hitting a tree whilst they were all trapped inside.

Two of the vehicle’s wheels came off and flew over a residential perimeter wall – that is how devastating the accident was. When the vehicle finally exploded, the lanky big spender had already breathed his last just 5 minutes after being evacuated from the car by a team of good Samaritans before the explosions.

He was a larger than life character, and a controversial figure who had ways of evading his life’s fires, even in death. We hope that he died with God on his side, but what we know for certain is that death has robbed us of flamboyancy.

May his soul rest in eternal peace, and may his friends’ souls also rest in peace – Moana, Karim and Elisha. This is our one and only Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi.

What do you remember Ginimbi for?