The government of Zimbabwe announced transformative agricultural measures that are set to change lives and livelihoods across the country.

At least 2.7 million communal households will benefit from 35 000 two-wheel tractors replacing the traditional how and ploughing system.

“In this space, we require at least 35 000 two-wheel tractors to be able to mechanise the communal areas so that we can get the productivity up” Dr Masuka said while addressing the Press Conference yesterday.

At least 3000 tractors are expected in the country in measures that are meant to ensure food security, save foreign currency from grain imports and reposition Zimbabwe as a major agricultural products supplier in the world.

“We have already bought over 1 000 tractors under the Belarus and John Deere facilities. I expect 1 337 tractors to arrive in the next two months. Over 80 of these tractors are already in the country and will be distributed via financial  institutions.” Dr Masuka said.

He said financial aid will be through government-backed schemes in banks such as CBZ and AFC with farmers accessing the equipment which they pay over for a period and with a 15%  deposit deduction being done at a point of sale with Grain Marketing Board (GMB).

Dr Masuka said for livestock they will have 40 000 veterinary and livestock development field schools.

“There will be one (school) at each dip tank. We no longer have these places being solely for disease control but also a place where best practices are taught including the application of tick grease and manufacture of household feeds,” he said.