South Africa’s health institutions feel that foreigners are taking up too much space at their institutions hence they allegedly hiked fees for foreigners.

The minister of Home Affairs Mr Aaron Motsoaledi claims that over 70% of women that are in South African hospitals are Zimbabweans.

“If you go to Musina Hospital now, and to the labour ward and I challenge you to do so, you will find that 70% of the women who are delivering are from Zimbabwe, nobody stops them and when we arrest people, we are not arresting them for coming to South Africa but we are saying they must come officially and I want to emphasize that,” Motsoaledi said.

Zimbabwean pregnant women who were using South Africa’s health facilities to get cheaper services may need to find other alternatives.

The Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria, which has been one of the favorite for Zimbabwean women has reportedly hiked its fees now.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s local health facilities have fallen apart and there is also inadequate equipment and drugs hence most people cross into the neighbouring countries.