Harare – Zimbabwe’s economy continues to bleed as political tensions reach boiling point, ENN reports.

Barely a month after unprocedurally shutting down Ecocash, the ruling party led Zimbabwe government is at it again, this time accusing financial services behemoth Old Mutual of sabotaging Zimbabwe’s economic recovery efforts.

This development comes at a time the country’s health workers are on strike, demonstrating against poor wages and poor working conditions.

Zimbabwe’s fuel crisis has also worsened as most fuel dealers have legally and/or illegally dollarised, with those still accepting local currency going for weeks without the precious commodity.

In response to the mounting economic challenges in a country of opulence and high precedences of corruption, citizens, workers unions and pressure groups have united in organising a national anti-corruption demonstration ,slated for the 31st of July 2020.

This development has further raised political tensions in Zimbabwe, and the coming days will be decisive for this once adored nation – Dzimbadzemabwe (Zimbabwe).

More to follow…