UK-based events company, Hyve Group, has filed a lawsuit to blackout the African Energy Chamber (AEC) intending to silence both the AEC and Africa while preventing the development of the continent’s oil and gas resources.

“When they lose, they get desperate, and this is what this lawsuit is: a desperate attempt to silence Africa. They are employing their bullying tactics, threatening the AEC, an organization which has only ever been committed to Africa’s development. Their misrepresentations have cost us a lot of money and yet we continue to push for the continent we love and the continent we are committed to. We will fight back like never before. We will not give in to intimidation and the ruthless attempts to keep us quiet,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC said.

Africa is only responsible for less than 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the continent is still being asked to abandon its oil and gas in the name of climate change.

According to AEC, despite the ongoing work by the chamber, going as far as launching the first-ever Africa-focused and Africa-held energy event in 2021, African Energy Week, AEC has started a campaign called ‘Help Us Fight Back Against the Attack on African Oil and Gas.

Meanwhile, with 600 million people without access to electricity and 900 million people without access to clean cooking solutions, the continent desperately needs its oil and gas reserves if it is to make energy poverty history by 2030.