Biden Announces 31 Tech Hubs to Boost Innovation

The Joe Biden administration on Monday designated 31 technology hubs to help spur innovation, strengthen manufacturing and create jobs across the country.

“We’re going to invest in critical technologies like biotechnology, critical materials, quantum computing, advanced manufacturing, so the U.S. will lead the world again in innovation across the board,” Biden said.

The tech hubs, spanning 32 U.S. states and Puerto Rico, focus on developing innovative industries, including semiconductors, clean energy, critical minerals, biotechnology, precision medicine, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing, according to a statement released by the White House on Monday.

The designated regional tech hubs are located in states such as Montana, Wisconsin, Vermont, Nevada, Illinois and Oklahoma, a move to expand tech investment largely concentrated on a few U.S. cities – San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston – to other areas of the country.

The program, formally the Regional Technology and Innovation Hub Program, was authorized by the CHIPS and Science Act, which was signed by Biden in August 2022, according to the statement.

The tech hubs are the result of a process that the U.S. Commerce Department allocated in May a total of 500 million U.S. dollars in grants to cities.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said that her department next year plans to award about five to 10 of the 31 tech hubs up to 75 million dollars each.

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