Slovakia Pledges Strong Support for Hungary Amid Sovereignty Concerns

Slovakia’s Prime Minister, Robert Fico, affirmed his backing for Hungary across various domains within the European Union (EU) on Tuesday.

“I will steadfastly oppose penalizing a nation for defending its sovereignty. I cannot support any such assault on Hungary,” stated Fico during a joint press conference with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Fico’s endorsement of Hungary comes amid escalating tensions within the EU surrounding issues like immigration, governance, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the perceived interference of Brussels in the internal affairs of member states.

The Slovak Prime Minister conveyed his assurance that Orban could rely on his support in Brussels, signalling a united stance against measures that might jeopardize the autonomy of their respective nations.

Both leaders from Hungary and Slovakia have expressed reservations regarding the EU’s approaches to migration and the Ukraine situation, advocating for a more nuanced strategy that acknowledges the sovereignty and unique circumstances of individual member states.

Orban underscored the notable strides achieved in bilateral relations, particularly praising the robust economic collaboration between the two countries. This collaboration encompasses the transit of crude oil and electricity on both sides and is poised to expand further with the introduction of a second major cooperation package.

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