Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is trailing behind his democratic opponent Joe Biden in the historical US Presidential elections, ENN reports.

The incumbent , smelling a monumental electoral defeat, is trying to shutdown the counting of duly cast votes on electoral fraud allegations buy calling the election results ‘ a major fraud on America’ , Joe Biden’s legal team has claimed.

As of Wednesday, Joe Biden had won 248 electoral college votes, against Donald Trump’s 214 votes. As the results unfold, it seems that neither Biden nor Trump will breach the 270 mark, a position that guarantees a popular presidential victory.

Commenting on the issue, Eric Lisann , a legal Analyst and former prosecutor dismissed Trump’s claims as unfounded and alleged that in making the claims, the President is abusing his powers,using brute force and persuasive politics, including his personal legal connections with the judiciary to nullify legitimate election results.

Donald Trump’s camp has said it will be approaching the US Supreme court to challenge the ballot results, particularly in Wisconsin which was wom by Joe Biden, and to halt counting in Michigan, which looks set to be swept again by Joe Biden.

The historical election threatens to divide America into two as the ballot contest looks set to end in the courts of law.

More to follow.