The Government said that it was not going to review teachers’ salaries anytime soon claiming that they can not increase teachers’ salaries at the exact time schools open.

The Public Service and Social Warfare Minister Paul Mavima said in an interview by Newsday on 29 April that teacher’s packages can not be changed every time schools open hence educators should exercise patience.

” We are getting into the second quarter and we need them to be patient and go through the negotiation process. If there is any need for a review, it will be determined during the negotiation process. “

He also went on to say that the government did something for teachers to help them.

“We must also realise that there was something special that we did for teachers including the $20 000 per child school fees package, which will support up to three children in government institutions,” Paul Mavima said.

He also said that the government will build accommodations for teachers in public schools.

” We are undertaking that aggressive programme to provide housing for teachers. ” he also said

Teachers want the government to revert to their pre-October 2018 salary of US$540 saying the US$175  they are currently getting is not sustainable.

Meanwhile, The Minister of Public Service and Social Welfare Paul Mavima warned teachers against holding the nation at ransom by threatening to go on strike each time schools open.

Mavima also said that the government will not hesitate to introduce the “no work, no-pay ”  policy for teachers who are planning to absent themselves when schools open next week. However, teacher’s representatives insist that teachers are financially incapacitated and can not report for work.