Uganda Passes Bill to Allow Human Organ Donation

The Ugandan parliament on Thursday passed a bill that will permit the donation and transplant of human organs.

The Uganda Human Organ Donation and Transplant Bill 2021 is aimed at regulating the donation of organs, cells and tissues as well as their transplant.

Minister of Health Ruth Aceng said in a televised plenary session that the demand for organ transplants was high, yet there was no law in place.

“The bill is also aimed at looking at ways of having storage facilities for the organs but also ensure we address the issues of illicit trade,” she added.

The bill also aims at protecting the dignity and identity of every person and guarantees respect for their integrity.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa said the bill will help many Ugandans who could not afford to go outside of the country for transplants.

Health Committee Chairperson Charles Ayume said the country already had a backlog of candidates for organ transplants.

“The need is there. I am optimistic in a year or two, with appropriate resources, we should be able to have the first organ transplant,” he said.

The bill will be forwarded to the head of state for presidential assent before it can become law.