Tanzania’s police chief on Sunday pledged to reinforce the fight against cybercrime in the East African nation.

“The police have to ensure the safety of users of computer systems and information communication technologies against cyber attacks,” said Simon Sirro, the Inspector General of Police.

Sirro pledged to step up the fight against cybercrime when he visited the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) pavilion at the ongoing 46th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair.

The police chief said police in collaboration with TCRA has put in place measures that will ensure that anybody committing cybercrime will be detected, arrested, and prosecuted.

Semu Mwakyanjala, TCRA’s senior communications officer, said the regulatory authority is providing education to citizens on how to report cyber attacks.

In July 2020, TCRA issued an alert over cyber attacks, saying between 10 and 15 organizations based in the country had reported cases of malpractice.