The chairperson of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) Trust Chikohora called for an urgent meeting before the economy implodes.

” As POLAD we are calling for a currency indaba where we will have the Head of State, relevant government ministries, The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, capturing of industry and labour among others because the agency of this issue now needs to be dealt with at that level,” Chikohora said.

Inflation recently reaches 96.4% increasing fears of having a situation which is similar to that of 2008.

Chikohora said inflation is inevitable if there is no urgent solution to the currency crisis.

“We need to find an urgent solution on what needs to be done to stabilize the exchange rate for the benefit of the nation, That is why we are proposing this currency indaba which will be no holds-banned …..” Chikohora said.

Meanwhile, The United States dollar is trading at about $409 on the parallel market against $160 at the RVX auction system.

” This is a very urgent matter which needs proper resolution. This will erode the economic growth the country had projected to experience…. ” he added

Chikohora who is also the leader of the Coalition for Democrats (CODE), said the currency crisis seen in a free-falling Zimbabwean dollar, sparking price hikes could not be ignored any longer.