The Government of Zimbabwe is opening up the public transport system for other private players in order to complement the services being provided by ZUPCO.

“The liberalization of the public transport system shall be done under terms and conditions to be published by the government. The Police would need to ensure that law and order is adhered to as the behaviour on our roads needs to be seriously attended to non-adherence to the rules and regulations to be gazetted would not be tolerated.”President Emerson Mnangagwa said.

While addressing the nation on measures adopted by the government to restore confidence, preserve value and restore macroeconomic stability this Saturday. The President advised that private Kombis that will join the public transport system will have to follow the rules and regulations set.

The announcement was a response to public outcry over ZUPCO’s incapacitation to meet public transportation requirements timeously as the parastatal continues to engage private players to operate under its franchise.

President Mnangagwa pledged to lead a listening administration that has moved in to alleviate the challenges faced by the commuting public, especially workers who had to spend much of their time in queues waiting for transport to and from work.

He also added that to augment the existing public transport facility, the government will allow the duty-free importation for a period of 12 months, for vehicles which meet regulations to be issued.


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