THE government has made significant strides in promoting gender equality and women economic empowerment and financial inclusion, 80% of business that is operating at Copacabana Traders Mall.

Gladman Dhliwayo and Tendai Mazani who are the brains behind the Copacabana Traders Mall decided to come up with an innovative idea to modernized vending in the Central Business District (CBD).

Their main thrust is to empower women using their state-of-the-art building that was recently constructed during the outbreak of COVID-19 to meet the international standards of vending.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have become major contributors to the country’s economy.

Speaking to Business Mail Entrepreneur Dhliwayo said they have looked into the current economic situation then decided to come up with the idea of empowering women through vending for their survival without disturbance from the City of Harare and the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

SMEs shops at the mall.

“We had a look at our economy and we see it wiser to empower other SMEs so that they can utilize our mall for their survival,” Dhliwayo said.

“We constructed this state-of-the-art complex so they use it for their survival. About 80 percent of the people that are doing business here are women and they are excelling well.

We have found it that they need a better place that is not health hazard with toilets and that is observing World Health Organisation (WHO) regulations to avoid the spreading of COVID-19,” he said.

Tendai Mazani one of the directors of the Copacabana Traders Mall also told the publication that we plead with the government if they have any open spaces that they have in any provinces or cities.

“The empowered must not be centered in Harare only we need to spread our wings to all the parts of the country,” Mazani said.

“It’s not only that people in Harare are the ones that need this to empowered we need to empower everyone in the country,” he said.

“Despite the outbreak of coronavirus most of the vendors have been affected because the boarders are yet to resume but they are doing well.We also urge the government to avail loans to these women so that they can boost their businesses and support their families,” he added.

Fumigation gate at the enterance.

Kudakwashe Musekiwa one of the women doing business at Copacabana Traders Mall told this publication that she has upgraded herself and her lifestyle through doing business at the Mall.

“I bought my first car and my first stand through trading at this place. I struggled with paying fees for my children after my husband passed. Since I started selling here I can even pay fees in advance. I no longer struggle with life, “she said.

Abel Karowangoro – Business Mail