THE City of Harare (COH) has ordered the removal of illegal billboards and directional signage on Council road verges within 48 hours.

The comes after companies have been illegally placing billboards advertising their products or brand without following laid down procedures of the council.

Speaking to  Business Mail, Councils’ Corporate Communications Officer Innocent Ruwende confirmed the development that the council will remove all illegal billboards as soon as they identified them.

“We are currently verifying billboards which are in our books and paying to the council and the illegal ones which were just put on road verges without following the necessary procedures. Once we finish the exercise we will raze to the ground all illegal billboards,” Ruwende said.

Recently the councils Corporate Communications Division said in a statement that all illegal billboards and directional signage are going to be pulled down.

“According to Harare (Control of Advertising Signs) By-Laws it is illegal to erect billboards on any structure within City of Harare area of jurisdiction without a permit and approved plans from Council,” the statement reads.

“In this regard, you are hereby advised to remove the said illegal signage’s and billboards within 48 hours from the date of this notice.”

Kundai Mudzviti – Business Mail