THE Ministry of Local Government and Public Works and Harare City Council have received the first consignment of a US$9, 3 million worth of equipment procured by the government.

Water supply in Harare has been a perennial problem with residents going for months without clean water.

In a statement read by the Minister of Government and Public Works July Moyo in Harare today, revealed several notable issues that need urgent attention.

“The immediate problems included initially the 5 pumplets and starters located underground within the Morton Jaffray premises, (Known as Darwendale Pumpstation) which move water from an underground pipeline emanating from Lake Manyame and these have to be replaced.

“The second immediate problem identified was the 14 Pumplets and starters at Warren Control, which distribute the bulk of water in Harare, and these need to be replaced. These pumps are in a very bad poor state and currently, only 1 pumpset of the 14 is operational

“The trucks being offloaded today contain 4 VSD Starters 9 (Variable Speed Drive), 15 x 700mm Valves, 24 x 600mm Valves”, explained Moyo.

The Minister then assured Harare residents that balance of the items required for the project have already been manufactured and are in transit and that the project duration will around 6 months as planned.

Lack of key water treatment chemicals forced Harare’s water treatment plant Morton Jaffray to halt production on 23 September 2019, leaving over one million people without running water.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) stipulates that ideally, every person should access between 50 and 100 litres of water per day to ensure the most basic needs are met and the outbreak of disease is prevented.

Citizens need clean water for drinking, personal sanitation, washing of clothes, food preparation and personal and household hygiene.