GOVERNMENT  has dissolved the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) board with immediate effect to pave way for transformation, Business Mail reports.

The Board, chaired by Dr Cuthbert Chidoori, was appointed in February 2019.

“NSSA is currently engaged in a strategic reorganization and restructuring exercise which has been necessitated by the need to respond to emerging issues in the world of work and align its mandate with the national development agenda,” Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The Ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare wishes to express its most sincere gratitude to members of the outgoing Board for their contribution to NSSA during their term of office.”

In the meantime, he added that: “A three member interim board will oversee the administration of the Authority while a substantive Board will be constituted within three months.”

Last year after an much anticipated NSSA forensic audit, Minister Dr. Sekai Nzenza said  the findings of the report will set a new trajectory for NSSA in terms of performing its mandate of providing social security for the generality of Zimbabweans. The forensic audit was carried out by the Auditor-General at the instigation of the ministry.

The former board Chairman Dr. Chidoori was immediately thrust into the deep end following the release of the forensic audit report to the Minister in March. Due to the gravity of issues raised in the report, the NSSA Board, in consultation with Hon Dr. Nzenza, enlisted the services to lawyers to sift through its contents and guide them accordingly.

Abel Karowangoro – Business Mail