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CRZ Encourages Dialogue Between Business and Government

The Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers (CZR) gave a statement today about dialogue between business and government.

It encouraged businesses and the government to continue working together on critical issues affecting the doing business environment with the consumer and general public.

According to the press release, The government created a platform two weeks back, whereby all business stakeholders met with the Minister of Finance and Economic Development  Professor  Mthuli Ncube and proffered a number of solutions that the government undertook to resolve.

Another platform was created by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Dr John Mangudya in October 2021, this is where all stakeholders representing businesses meet to discuss the state of the economy, with a follow-up meeting taking place in March 2022 and they are currently due to meet the following weeks.

According to the statement, capacity utilization grew from a mere 34% to the current 65% while shelf space for locally manufactured commodities rose to more than 70%

CZR is alive to the ongoing doing business challenges accused by the forex parallel market exchange rate, local and reported inflation structural concerns and depreciation of the local currency.

Meanwhile, the auction market must continue acting as a stabilizing agent and ensure the protection of consumers.



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