Senegal Unveils Africa’s First 100% Electric BRT System

Scheduled for launch in January 2024, Dakar, the capital city of Senegal, is gearing up to introduce Africa’s pioneering 100% electric Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

Under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agreement with the Senegalese government, Dakar Mobilité, a private entity, recently received a fleet of 121 high-capacity electric vehicles from CRRC, a prominent Chinese manufacturer. This update was sourced from CETUD, Dakar’s public transport regulator, as disclosed on their official website.

The all-electric Dakar BRT initiative is a pivotal component of a larger strategy aimed at revamping the city’s public transport network by 2025, aligning with Senegal’s broader energy transition roadmap. Encompassing 18.3 kilometres within Dakar, this innovative BRT system signifies the government’s deliberate endeavour to curtail atmospheric emissions and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation in the city.

CETUD’s data forecasts an annual avoidance of approximately 59,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions due to the introduction of this all-electric BRT network.

The planned Dakar BRT system will traverse a route spanning from the Petersen bus station in Dakar Plateau, centrally located within the city, to the prefecture of Guédiawaye in Dakar’s northern suburbs, covering a distance of 18.3 kilometres.

This extensive BRT route will interlink 23 stations, encompassing 14 densely populated districts, creating four distinct lines—comprising an omnibus line and three express or semi-express routes—that span from north to south across the city.

Upon its full implementation by the summer of 2024, the BRT system is estimated to cater to 300,000 daily commuters travelling between Dakar’s suburbs and the city centre.

Additionally, the introduction of the Dakar all-electric BRT system aims to enhance traffic flow, air quality, and overall accessibility, and slash travel time between different parts of Dakar from 90 minutes to just 45 minutes.

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