Kenya-based electric mobility company Opibus has announced a rebrand, and will now be known as Roam. Its remit is to electrify the African transport and energy system through reliable, accessible and connected products. 

The products of its next generation of prototypes will be divided under the Roam brand with the following segments: Roam Motorcycles, Roam Transit (buses), Roam Energy & Charging, and Muse (our conversions for the Mining, Utility and Safari segment).

Since 2019 Opibus has been designing and developing its first model of electric motorcycle to match the local needs.

To date it has deployed 150 motorcycles in and outside of Kenya; with trials running with different partners in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

In a press statement, the company writes: ‘Roam is more than a name, it represents our ongoing bold entry into emerging markets across Africa. As a globally recognized company, Roam seeks to provide and implement solutions that will mitigate the escalating climate change, while building the knowledge base from Africa for Africa and the world’.

Roam CEO, Filip Lövström, says: “We really think that electric buses are a huge part of how to create this transition to electric vehicles, and how to reduce emissions on both a city and global level.” 

Roam Co-founder, Filip Gardler, comments: “The industry has a lot of potential because of their predetermined routes points, simplifying infrastructure deployment, creating huge opportunities for electric mobility.”


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