Daihatsu Announces Recall of 320,000 Vehicles Over Door Defect

Daihatsu Motor Co., the Japanese automaker, has announced plans to recall two mini-vehicles due to a door defect. The recall, potentially affecting around 320,000 units, comes in the wake of instructions from Japan’s transport ministry. The ministry directed Daihatsu to consider recalling the Cast model sold under the Daihatsu brand and the Pixis Joy sold under the marque of its parent company, Toyota Motor Corp. This move follows a scandal involving Daihatsu rigging safety tests for the majority of its models.

Last month, Daihatsu acknowledged that the affected models might not meet safety standards, as their doors could become locked and difficult to open from the outside in the event of an accident. In response to the safety inspection scandal, the company had temporarily halted all vehicle shipments domestically and internationally. However, operations resumed in Indonesia and Malaysia after a brief suspension.

The timeline for the resumption of domestic production remains uncertain, with Daihatsu stating that the outlook following the current suspension through January is unclear. According to national news agency Kyodo, the small-car maker expressed uncertainty about when it can resume production in Japan.

On Tuesday, the transport ministry, which has been investigating Daihatsu’s operations, announced its intention to revoke certifications necessary for mass production for three models produced by the automaker. The ministry revealed 14 cases of misconduct, supplementing those already made public in connection with the safety testing scandal.

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