The first tranche of relief that Standard Bank has made available will be split equally between the Gift of the Givers Foundation, and OneFarm Share which recovers edible surplus food from farmers and distributes this produce to community organisations, through the platform.  

“It is with deep regret and sadness that we learn of the extent of the devastation caused by heavy rain and flooding in KZN. The impact of this event on people’s lives will be felt for a long time to come. We mourn the loss of human life and extend our heartfelt condolences to all those family members, friends and colleagues who have lost loved ones,” says Lungisa Fuzile, CEO of Standard Bank South Africa. “Right now, the greatest need is emergency humanitarian relief: shelter, necessities, clothing, and food. As such, we have donated an initial R1 million to Gift of the Givers, with whom we have a record of accomplishment of working together in similar situations,” he says. “And we are also donating R1 million to our partners at OneFarm Share to ensure food reaches NGOs who are supporting communities with emergency food relief.” 

He added that food insecurity levels, which were already critical in parts of the province prior to the flooding, will only worsen in the months to come. “This is a time when the services of NGOs such as OneFarm Share are critical and require all the support they can get in order to mitigate further social instability.” 

OneFarm Share is a platform founded by the bank in partnership with agritech pioneer, HelloChoice, and FoodForward SA, the largest food distribution non-profit in South Africa, Standard Bank has supplied 7844 tonnes to those in need since its inception in June 2020.  The platform allows corporate donors and the public to help too. 

In July last year, OneFarm Share distributed more than 80 tons of food to registered charity organisations that serve vulnerable communities and areas in KZN following the unrest that erupted in the province.  

 Standard Bank is calling out to its employees, customers, and businesses in South Africa to assist it in raising more money to assist those in need. The bank will match, through its Rand4Rand initiative, all donations made by employees to Gift of the Givers and OneFarm Share. The bank is supporting staff members who have become victims of the flooding and is providing its assistance to impacted employees in the region.

“We have a donation page on Snapscan that can be used to send funds directly to the NGOs,” says Fuzile. You do not need to be a Standard Bank customer to use Snapscan. Download the app and you can donate directly to the organization of your choice.” 

He added that Standard Bank remains in close contact with its NGO partners to understand what the greatest needs are and is committed to doing everything possible to provide its support so that families, communities, and businesses receive the assistance they require in the wake of the natural disaster.