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Rotary Club Harare Central seeks to build business linkages

HARARE – The Rotary Club Harare Central will host a Business Showcase aimed at bringing businesses together and establish mutually beneficial relationships.

Rotary is a global network of volunteer leaders from different professions all over the world who offer humanitarian service to the communities they live in. Membership is over 1.2 million in over 200 countries worldwide.

The Rotary Club of Harare Central is involved in a number of service projects aligned to the areas of focus of Rotary International.

The Business Showcase 2020 is the first of its kind for the Club and seeks to harness existing and potential business opportunities within the Rotary family as well as other independent entities.

Rotary Harare Central Club President, Sikhetile Gomwe said there was a lot of untapped business opportunities within the Rotary membership and the Showcase seeks to unlock that potential and bring it to the fore.

“The aim of the showcase is to create awareness of business opportunities within Rotary family thereby giving all local members an opportunity to display and market their businesses, goods services to each other and the public,” said Gomwe.

She said the Business Showcase is aimed at encouraging and supporting each other in business. Gomwe said the membership of the Clubs was made up of people from various business backgrounds hence there was a need to tap into this network to maximise business opportunities.

“The Business Showcase is a platform for the members of the 13 clubs within Harare to fellowship and network and represents our leap of faith into building deeper synergies than those existing currently,” said Gomwe.

She said like-minded corporate entities are welcome to showcase their products as well as see how they can synchronize their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives with the humanitarian work undertaken by Rotary International.

She said some of the CSR work that corporates can get involved in include support for the countrywide wheelchair distribution project as well as other humanitarian projects the club is involved in. The club, working with its international partners, has donated over 1500 wheelchairs countrywide since 2017.

“We seek partnerships with companies into logistics and transportation for moving the wheelchairs among other various potential synergies so this Business Showcase is the best platform to build these relationships,” she said.

Businesses and individuals are expected to pay $10 for a table and can have as many tables as they can to showcase their various products during the Business Showcase scheduled for Saturday, 28 November 2020 at the Botanical Gardens. All Covid 19 control measures will be observed and in place. Funds raised from the event will go toward supporting service projects for the club.

Falton Zveushe – Business Mail