VICTORIA FALLS – President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Friday Zimbabwe’s economy has fallen behind its regional peers by two decades following an economic crisis that started at the turn of the millennium.

The President rallied authorities and business to work together to save millions from grinding poverty and high unemployment.

Mnangagwa, who spoke at the Chamber Mines of Zimbabwe’s annual mining conference, however, said the sector had witnessed “unprecedented” levels of investor interest.

This is in line with his campaign to increase mining industry revenues to $12 billion by 2022, from about $3 billion currently, as he fights to transform the troubled southern African country into an upper middle-income economy.

“The country is witnessing unprecedented investor interest in the sector and associated value chain industries,” he told mining executive here.

“Investments in the mining sector and mining value chain industries are welcome and are safe in Zimbabwe. We are behind in the region by two decades. We must close ranks and work as one to leap frog our economic growth. But I am also informed that many investors go back home disappointed being moved by our people, companies and entities from office to office, people to people that should stop,” he said.