Cambodia’s 2023 Cashew, Rubber Exports Hit $1.2B

Official reports released on Wednesday revealed that Cambodia garnered a total of $1.2 billion from its exports of raw cashew nuts and dry rubber in the first ten months of 2023.

According to data provided by the Cashew Nut Association of Cambodia, the country shipped approximately 615,000 tonnes of raw cashew nuts to Vietnam from January to October this year, marking a 16.7 percent decline compared to the previous year. Despite the decrease in volume, Cambodia generated $831 million in revenue from cashew nut exports during this period.

In parallel, the General Directorate of Rubber disclosed that Cambodia exported 283,829 tonnes of dry rubber in the same ten-month duration, indicating a 3 percent increase from the corresponding period in the prior year. However, revenue from dry rubber exports amounted to $376.6 million, reflecting a 7.3 percent decrease year-on-year.

Him Oun, the director general of the General Directorate of Rubber, mentioned in the report that the average cost per tonne of dry rubber stood at $1,327 during January to October 2023, which was $154 lower than the same period in the previous year.

In addition to rice, cashew nuts, and rubber constitute essential cash crops with substantial export potential for Cambodia.

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