NAIROBI – Barely a week after the lifting of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions by president Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya has recorded 572 new cases in a day, ENN reports.

This development comes at a time Africa remains on high alert of the 3rd wave, with Kenya having imposed travel restrictions on India following a rise in new infections for the populous country.

On Saturday 8 May, 4624 people were screened for Covid-19 in Kenya and 572 tested positive. This placed the positivity rate at 12.4%. The infected were made up of 526 Kenyans and 46 foreigners. According to official statistics, Kenya has tested a total of 1.7 million people since last March, with 163,238 having tested positive.

The surge in infections put to test the tenacity of President Uhuru Kenyatta in relaxing lockdown restrictions for Nairobi and its surrounding countries. For Africa, Covid-19 has dried up revenue streams, particularly for tourism-driven economies like Kenya.