A diversified energy management firm Fueltec is set to introduce an automatic tank gauging system for the improvement of efficiency in line with global standards.

” We have introduced automation to the fuel industry, which basically removes human error because as you know at a service station you have to reconcile what you have sold and what you have put in the storage tank.” Fueltec managing director Bernard Garwe said.

He also added that the new technology will phase out the manual system of taking readings from pumps to reduce mistakes and save time.

” We normally use dipsticks for that and people take readings from the pumps and as you know whenever we have a human element there is also the possibility of error and also sometimes things like theft can happen as well, some are saying on a site we can minimize that by automating most process…..,” He added.

He also added that the organization had already started a pilot project for the system with most of the major local oil companies.

Prior to rolling out such systems, Mr Garwe said the market always wants to prove the concept actually works before buying into the idea of adopting the technology, hence the pilot programme.

” We are coming through with new technology in line with global trends such as automatic tank gauging and automation of sites and remote site management.”Mr Garwe said.

The automatic tank gauging system is mostly used in the first world countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Switzerland and third world countries such as South Africa.