HARARE – Zimbabwe has been invited by the international financier, Global Fund to submit a funding application to access a US$75 million Covid-19 rescue fund this year.

The Covid-19 response mechanism fund (C19RM) is a shot in the arm for the southern African nations that have been denied external credits under prolonged American and European Union sanctions. According to the Global Fund, C19RM supports countries to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on programs to fight HIV, TB and malaria, and initiates urgent improvements in health and community systems.

“To access this new financing, the Global Fund requires you to submit an ambitious and comprehensive funding request”, said Global Fund division head Mark Eldon. “It should outline prioritised programmatic needs requiring financing using the C19RM Base Allocation amount “, Chimedza further added.

The US$75 million extended to Zimbabwe by Global Fund represents an amount equivalent to 15% of the applicant’s 2020-2022 country allocation. Zimbabwe remains dependent on the International community for its health and social funding needs and has been in engagements with western nations to repair diplomatic relations after enduring decades of isolation from the International community.