The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) gave Access Forex platform permission to resume domestic foreign currency remittance activities following the completion of its licensing update application.

Following an official communication which was seen by journalists after Access Forex’s public notice to its clients. The RBZ notified the company that it had resolved exchange control compliance issues and can resume work immediately.

“Having evaluated your submission, we advise that Exchange Control has no objection to Access Forex registered under licence number ADLAI/11/00/2022, engaging in domestic foreign currency money transfer business,” RBZ announced.

The Access Forex head of sales and marketing Shingai J. Koti mentioned that the company was pleased that it has now me exchange control regulatory requirements and got the permission to resume work.

“We are excited that our local transfers are now back online after a few days of suspension due to pending regulatory approval process ….” Shingai J.Koti said.

He also added that the permission to resume working was good for their clients also.

“The resumption of local transfer is really good news, not just for us, but also for our clients who rely on us to send and receive money locally and internationally on a daily basis ” he added Meanwhile the cabinet last week urged Zimbabweans in the diaspora to participate in the country’s investment and development opportunities.

Meanwhile, InnBucks remains suspended from local remittance operations and RBZ are yet to publicly update once the regulatory requirement pending have been adequately provided.


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