Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) surpassed the first quarter power supply target by 18,55%.

ZPC updated that increase in power output was mainly attributed to improved reliability and plant optimisation at Hwange and also increase generation at Kariba hydropower station to cater for high system demand.

Although the generation exceeded the targeted output, it remained inadequate to meet demand in the economy as the country’s total available capacity falls short of national demand.

“Hwange generated from 4 units for the bulk of the quarter while all eight units at Karina were available for peak generation on most days. The Small thermal power stations missed their target, which was pegged at 47,50 GWH by 45,17% due to lack of coal stocks and low plant availability which resulted in the stations shutting for a total of 142days during the quarter,” ZPC said.

Hwange Power Station contributed 29%  of the total electricity produced while the small thermal stations accounted for only 1% of the total energy production.

“Karina Power Station contributed more than planned as it was ramped to meet high system demand and compensate for low generation at the small thermal stations,” said ZPC.

The Power utility said the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) allocated 22.5billion cubic metres of water for power generation at Kariba for 2022.

“As at the end of the first quarter, the station consumed 6,5billion cubic metres of water against a target of 5,1 billion cubic metres. This leaves the station with 16 billion cubic metres of water for generation for the rest of the year,” ZPC said.


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