HARARE – Murombedzi Growth Point, one of Zimbabwe’s fastest growing urban settlements, is to get a solar powered electricity plant this year if government approves a proposal lodged with regulators.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Regulatory Authority (ZERA) said on Tuesday it had received a proposal by Murombedzi Industrial to construct a 10,5 megawatt (MW) solar plant at Murombedzi the growth point, which is located a few kilometres from the village of Zimbabwe’s late president Robert Mugabe.

In a statement, ZERA said the project, known as Murombedzi Solar Park, will be complete with a transmission line connecting the power plant to a Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) line, where electricity will be sold.

“The Zimbabwe Electricity Regulatory Authority has received an application from Murombedzi Solar Park (Private) Limited to construct, own, operate and maintain a 10,5MW solar PV power plant at 771 Murombedzi Industrial in Zvimba District, Mashonaland West Province,” said ZERA.

“The applicant intends selling the power generated to Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC). The project will also include the construction of approximately 0,35 kilometres of 33kV line,” that statement said.

Zimbabwe is going through one of its worst economic crises in a decade, with rolling power blackouts of up to 24 hours and intermittent fuel and foreign currency shortages.

As a result, government has been encouraging investors to consider investing in power related projects to save industries from collapse.

But despite significant interest shown by investors, very few projects have been implemented, and government is worried.