Massive Climate Protest Sweeps Amsterdam with 70,000 Marchers Ahead of National Election

Editorial use only Young climate activists taking part during Global Climate Strike march protest on the 25th of March 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Fridays For Future global climate strike protests brought hundreds of thousands of youth and supporters onto the streets in cities around the world to call for greater action from governments to tackle the climate crisis.

In a powerful display of environmental activism, tens of thousands of individuals flooded the streets of Amsterdam this Sunday, urging intensified efforts to combat climate change. The massive protest, occurring just 10 days before a pivotal national election, was declared the largest climate demonstration in the history of the Netherlands by organizers, who estimated the participation at 70,000 people.

Prominent climate activist Greta Thunberg joined the diverse assembly as they marched through the historic core of Amsterdam. The demonstration featured speakers like Thunberg and Frans Timmermans, the former European Union climate chief who now leads a centre-left, two-party alliance in the election campaign. The crowd gathered behind the iconic Rijksmuseum.

In a statement, the Climate Crisis Coalition, the organizing body, emphasized the urgency for change, stating, “We live in a time of crises, all of which are the result of the political choices that have been made. It has to be done, and it can be done differently.”

While the Fridays for Future youth movement was part of the coalition, the protesters represented a diverse range of ages. Notably, a substantial group of medical professionals, clad in white coats, carried a banner proclaiming, “Climate crisis = health crisis.”

“I am a paediatrician. I’m here standing up for the rights of children,” expressed Laura Sonneveld. “Children are the first to be affected by climate change.”

In a new development, several political leaders who participated in the protest announced a collaborative pledge to prioritize comprehensive climate policies in their respective election campaigns, further underscoring the urgency of the climate crisis.

The looming threat of climate change has become a central focus for political parties in the upcoming November 22 general election.

Margje Weijs, a Spanish teacher and youth coach, articulated the sentiment of many participants: “It is time for us to protest about government decisions. I hope this influences the election.”

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