Japan Meteorological Agency issues tsunami advisories

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) issued tsunami advisories on Monday for multiple locations following two earthquakes.

Tsunami could reach one meter in height in Izu Islands, Ogasawara Islands, and the prefectures of Kochi, Chiba, Miyazaki and Kagoshima, said the JMA.

The advisories, the lowest level in the country’s three-tier tsunami warning system, advised people to stay away from the coast and rivers while staying alert for possible tsunami flooding.

At 5:25 a.m. local time, an earthquake struck near Izu Islands at a very shallow depth, said the JMA in relevant earthquake information, without specifying the quake’s magnitude.

Also, on Monday morning, a 3.5-magnitude earthquake hit the country’s northern Wakayama Prefecture.

According to the agency, the temblor occurred at 8:18 a.m. local time at a depth of 70 km at a latitude of 34.1 degrees north and a longitude of 135.5 degrees east, measuring 2 on Japan’s seismic intensity scale, which peaks at 7.

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