Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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Zimbabwe Mines Battle to Retain Skilled Labour

HARARE - Zimbabwe’s mining industries have started offering incentives to skilled workers to stem a serious skills flight after the economy relapsed again last...

Fitting a Square Peg in a Round Hole; Zimbabwe’s Dilemma

HARARE - Given what currently obtains in Zimbabwe, I can guarantee you that the country’s economic recovery will take a lot more time than...

Palladium Zooms Past $2 300 as Supply Squeeze Fuels Rally

JOHANNESBURG – The palladium rally continues to defy all expectations. The silvery-white precious metal, which is used in catalytic...

Australian Miners Slam African Profit Grab Claims

JOHANNESBURG - Australian resources firms have slammed a new report accusing them of profit grabs in Africa. In a report...

Zimbabwe Fuel Crisis Worsens

HARARE - Following the recent 26 percent fuel price increases by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority, fuel supplies across the country have grinded...

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