Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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South Africa refuses Zimbabwe’s emergency loan request

JOHANNESBURG (January 21, 2019)-South Africa has said it rejected a request from Zimbabwe for an emergency loan of US$1,2bn in December 2018. Zimbabwe's government had...

Rand Slips Overnight Against the Dollar

JOHANNESBURG - The rand oscillated on local data releases while an uptick in global risk appetite lent support according to NKC Research. 

Standard Chartered Consolidates Digitally-Led African Retail Banks, adds Tanzania, Ghana

DUBAI - Global financial services giant, Standard Chartered Bank announced it had completed a simultaneous multi-market launch of its digitally-led retail banks...

Zimbabwe Businesses, Government and Depositors Head For a Currency Showdown

Lusaka – Zimbabwe businesses and depositors must brace for another currency showdown with Government as the foreign currency strapped nation moves in to liquidate...

Malawian bankers cautious

LILONGWE - Bankers Association of Malawi (BAM) has cautioned that the recent stance by the central bank to slash policy rate and the new measure...

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