HARARE – The late former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe will be buried at the national heroes acre on a date to be announced.

This was said by the Mugabe family spokesperson Leo Mugabe in an interview with reporters at the Blue Roof mansion this morning.

“The family and the tradional leaders have pronounced that he will be buried at the National Heroes Acre…as to when he will be buried there are things that the chiefs want done at the national heroes acre and those will take time. “I would also want to dispel the rumours that have been doing the rounds that the chiefs were paid, they were not paid. It’s all absolute nonsense, they were not paid. When we visited the President I was with them. It was merely meant to go and thank the Government for what they have done; to look after him during this trying period when he was sick, for paying all the bills and also for recognising him as the icon of the country. We needed to go and thank President Mnangagwa,”