Fighting wars on different fronts, I saw it coming and China is going to attack Taiwan, that was China’s objective since the Chinese Revolution of 1949. NATO was formed the same year to fight the Soviet Union and Chinese communism.

Taiwan is part of China just like Ukraine is to Russia.

United States of America (USA) supported the Chinese Nationalists led by Chiang Kai-Shek who fled from China’s mainland to China’s island of Taiwan and created China Taipei or Taiwan. 

The Communist People’s Republic of China was created led by Chairman Mao Zedong in 1949. United Nations (UN) did not recognize mainland China until 1971 after the USA changed its policy towards China, President Richard Nixon, pushed the inclusion of China into the UN, which Taiwan protested by failing to stop the decision.

Taiwan has to negotiate with mainland China and be part of China’s autonomous region just like Hong Kong because the same association between Taiwan and USA is going to cause armed conflict between China and Taiwan.

The presence of the USA in Taiwan is a threat to China, just like the presence of NATO in Ukraine.

A few weeks before the Ukraine conflict, satellite images showed military built up by Russia on the Ukraine border, the same images are being picked by Japanese satellites of massive military drills by China, in the South China Sea and the Sea of Japan.

This is the chance for Africa to grow economically.

African countries should not be involved in the wars being fought but benefit from those wars.

In Zimbabwe, just like any forward-thinking country, if our economy is going to grow, our government should set up a team of experts and investors who wants to venture into a massive farming drive, to export food to countries fighting wars.

Europe is going to plunge into Economic depression and food prices are going to raise. We are going to see an influx of Europeans seeking to venture into farming and mining to fund the war.

Instead of the Europeans coming here let us start to grow food for those fighting their wars.

This is our opportunity. If we don’t grow our economies whilst Europeans are fighting each other, after finishing fighting they are going to come to us, at that time we should have a strong economy and military.

This is the time to create the single African Union currency backed by gold and diamonds to trade with those fighting. Cadres, if we don’t utilise this chance, we are stupid fools, right now our ambassadors in those countries should study, the economies of the countries in Europe and see where we can make a killing. 

This is a chance for African countries with good climates and peaceful environments. Governments should make sure every dam in the country has 100 hectares and above of crops under irrigation, growing crops for domestic and export markets.

African governments should have a fresh look at agriculture. This involves embracing technology (information technology, mechanical and biotechnology) and also private-sector partnerships.